Soñar / habitar / recuperar

The exhibition SOÑAR / HABITAR / RECUPERAR. La ciudad mediterránea en el siglo XXI [DREAM / INHABIT / RECOVER. The twenty-first-century Mediterranean city.] offers a social analysis through thought-provoking literary and photographic references to the latest private and public architectural projects carried out in historical centres and environments with a significant tourist trade. These examples, along with their respective purposes (housing, commerce, heritage, urban regeneration), will tell a story of architectural quality, the heritage perspective, historical sensitivity, and tradition versus modernity in the renovation projects on display. These projects regenerate and enhance neighbourhoods and urban environments, promote a high quality of life and make these areas more attractive to tourists. This exhibition could be defined succinctly as a reflection on good architectural practice in Alicante between 2001 and 2003.

The event, organised by the Valencian Ministry of Infrastructures, Territory and the Environment, via the Cátedra Demetrio Ribes, UV-CITMA and the Alicante Regional Department of Housing and Urban Projects, is supported by Calp Town Council, the Valencian Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and the Alicante Regional Architects’ Association.

Palau Altea
22th October – 7th Desember 2014

La Nucia
Auditori i Centre Cultural de la Mediterrània
16th Desember 2014 – 11th January 2015

Galeria d'Art Contemporani Ajuntament Vell
25th July 2013 – 26th September 2013

Inmaculada Aguilar Civera

General coordination
Rubén Pacheco Díaz
Mireia Sánchez Barrachina

Inmaculada Aguilar Civera
Manuel Carreres Rodríguez
Susana Climent Viguer
Sergi Doménech García
Rubén Pacheco Díaz
Mireia Sánchez Barrachina

Administrative management
Susana Climent Viguer

Expositive design
Mary Ortega


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