24. El Camp de Morvedre

BOLINCHES MARTÍNEZ, Laura; CARRERES RODRÍGUEZ, Manuel, Les obres públiques en les comarques valencianes. Indrets i paisatges. El Camp de Morvedre, València, Conselleria d'Habitatge, Obres Públiques i Vertebració del Territori, 2017.

ISBN: 978-84-482-6182-5

Second publication within the Transport Museum’s Booklet Collection, part of the series ‘Les obres públiques en les comarques valencianes. Indrets i paisatges’. In this case, the volume is dedicated to the Valencian region of El Camp de Morvedre.

It is made up of a brief introduction to the area’s existing networks, including its roads, railways, maritime transport, and telecommunication, water and defence networks. These elements are then examined in greater detail. Seventeen of the region’s most important features are analysed, covering from antiquity to the present day. These include its railway lines, Canet Lighthouse, its port and its irrigation systems.


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