Ríos por el aire. Acueductos en imágenes

ARCINIEGA GARCÍA, Luis (dir.), Ríos por el aire. Acueductos de la Comunitat Valenciana en imágenes, València, Conselleria d'Habitatge, Obres Públiques i Vertebració del Territori, 2019.

ISBN: 978-84-482-6353-9

The catalogue for the exhibition ‘Rius per l’aire. Aqüeductes de la Comunitat Valenciana’ [Rivers in the air. Aqueducts of the Valencian Community] is a visual collection of all the aqueducts and materials displayed in the exhibition of the same name, which was held for the first time in Valencia City Museum in April 2019.

The large-format publication presents both historical and current photographs, as well as maps, elevations and descriptive designs made for the occasion, which are sure to please even the most exacting reader thanks to their magnificent visual quality. The catalogue, made up of almost 150 pages, also includes brief introductory texts that explain and contextualise the images on display.


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